Alum Powder Uses

Alum can be found in many forms such as crystal, pencil, cubes and powder. We will talk about Alum powder uses, it is easiest to find and one of the handiest products to have around at home. It is popularly used for numerous home remedies as alternative to commercial products. Below are the popular alum powder uses:

Using alum powder for aftershaveAlum Powder as Aftershave
Mixed it with little water, gently rubbed it on the clean shaven face and because of it is acidic quality, it heals the small wounds that occur during shaving. The good thing is that it also prevents the entry of germs and therefore it makes shaving a pleasure. Remember that unlike many other shaving lotions and products in the market, Alum powder has no odor and is very safe to use.

Remove body odor with alumAlum Powder as Deodorant
It is applied on the areas of the body where germs and bacteria are more likely to grow causing body odor. As a result, many people who suffer from smelly feet and underarms odor can use this product to treat them. Alum Powder uses is very friendly because it easily dissolve in water and has no dire effects at all when it is applied on the skin directly.

Eliminate dark underarm with alumAlum Powder for Skin Whitening
Alum is commonly used for many skin whiteners and sunburns treatments for many centuries. Using alum powder for dark underarms will help you get rid of them. It can also use to cure acne by mixing it with other ingredients.

Heal canker sores with alum powderAlum Powder for Canker Sores
One the most important of all alum powder uses is that it can be used on canker sores that occur in the mouth. Just a pinch of alum powder in the affected area is enough as it alleviates the pain and then it heals them faster than any products in the market.

Alum causes particles to formed and settle in bottomAlum Powder for Water Treatment
When it is introduced in water, it forces the impurities to bond and form heavy residue that settles at the bottom. It is far better and even more efficient than decantation. In fact, this alum powder uses had been going for centuries. No germs or bacteria can withstand its acidic qualities, making water safe for consumption. Alum powder is commonly used at home to treat drinking water in the countryside and in the farm towns.

Home made playdough with alum powderAlum Powder for Playdough
One of the alum powder uses is to make modeling clay materials for children, popularly called as playdough. Alum act as preservative and anti-bacteria for the playdough to last longer so you can store them. Although alum powder is non-toxic, it can cause stomach ache for someone who eats too much. Keep an eye on your children.

Cucumber pickles with alumAlum Powder for Pickling
Alum powder most popular uses is as pickling recipes. In fact, it is also the most traditional methods to create pickles. It behave as a preservative, to help keep the crispness and make it crunchy. Pickles made with cucumber, carrots, watermelon-rind and maraschino cherries are the usual candidate. Althought alum is used to soak the pickles, it is not meant to be taken directly but should be rinse properly.

Make Color Crystal with alum powderAlum Powder Crystals
Making color crystals using alum powder is very easy experiment and useful as science project for children at home. They are beautiful, grow very fast and easily, fun for parent-children activity and non-toxic. Alum crystals are just the easiest crystals you can make using just household items and hot water.

Commercial uses of Alum

  • Alum is FDA approved to used as a food additive, flour and cheese preparation.
  • Alum found its way in many oral hygiene products such as toothpastes and mouthwash because of its antibacterial nature.
  • Skin whiteners and deodorant sticks have alum as active ingredients in them.
  • Due to its fire resistance properties, it is used in foamite for fire extinguisher.


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