Alum Powder For Canker Sores

Alum powder for canker sores works wonders as home remedies. Canker sores are small ulcers that occur in the soft lining of the mouth. You know that you have canker sores when you spot white oval spots surrounded by red flesh, which are very painful to the touch. They are most likely found on the inside part of the cheeks and under the upper and lower lips. They can be a tad bothersome and very painful. Usually they go away on their own, but they do take a long time thus prolonging the discomfort. In fact, with such sores in the mouth and they may occur in little groups, even brushing the teeth may be hassle and many people avoid it all the same. Although canker sores are not contagious, they will occur on any one and of any age, and even when they heal they may recur.

Mouth ulcers known as canker sores can be relief by alum powder

Mouth ulcers known as canker sores can be cure by alum powder

Alum powder alleviates the pain and heals them faster than any other product in the market. You don’t need to be a medical specialist to apply it. All you need do is take a pinch of the alum powder, place a little of it on the canker. It may sting and burn a bit but it’ll heal almost immediately. Rinse with water after a few minutes, repeat as needed in once or twice a day.

Canker sores occurring in the mouth are bad enough, it may also occur on the tongue and sometimes even in the throat. Hot and spicy food is an ordeal. Even though you cannot apply a pinch or two of alum powder for canker sores, you can dissolve a measure of alum powder in water and gurgle it in your mouth and over your throat. Repeat that several times a day and soon, you will be healed.

Be aware that alum powder can cause puckering and too much swallow will cause stomach ache, so use it responsibly.

Many people confuse the canker sores with herpes influenced cold sores but these are different. The possible causes of canker sores are mouth injuries (brushing too hard, eating hard food, accidental biting inside your cheeks), food allergies, too much acidic in stomach and nutritional deficiencies. Canker sores can also be a symptom of gluten intolerance. However, a severe case of canker sores may cause inflamed lymph nodes. Usually canker sores will go away within a week but using alum powder for canker sores will help you relieve the pain much sooner and it is one of the popular alum powder uses. If the canker sores doesn’t go away or it happen often, it is better to see your doctor to determine it causes.

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