Alum Powder and Rose Water for Hair Removal


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Using alum powder for hair removal is not something new. Every individual has some hair all over the body that starts to develop after puberty. This is hair is known as androgenic hair, and it is different from head hair in the sense that it is less coarse. The amount of hair you will have on your body will depend on the level of hormones you have on your body. Men tend to have more hair than women because they have higher levels of androgen hormones.

Most people are uncomfortable with these hairs, and may want to remove them. You can use lotions and creams that are sold in stores to remove the hairs, or use natural remedies which are made at home. Use products such as alum powder and rose water to remove hair, but to do this you must get rid of facial hair from before. The first thing you should do is to locate the unwanted hairs, and then determine the best method to do this. The best thing about using alum powder for hair removal is that you can do it and remove your hairs from home.

Before using alum powder and rose water to remove hair, it is important to test them on your skin to make sure your skin will not react. Take a small amount and test it on a small patch on your leg. The cream must be applied when wearing gloves, and then left for about 5 minutes. Remove it using a wet cloth once the five minutes are over. Some hair creams can cause skin burning and breakage, and if this happens you should find another cream.

Concerning how to mix the ingredients, mix half a table spoonful of alum powder with 2 to 4 spoons of rose water, and then blend the mixture. You can use cotton wool or finger tips to apply the mixture. You can reapply the paste when it dries up, but make sure it does not fall on your eyebrows or else they will come out. Apply the paste on the areas you want to remove hairs. Some people complain that the paste is too hard, and it dries up very fast. This makes the paste to start chipping even before it has started working. If you find that the paste is too hard t stick to the skin you may want to solid alum, dip it in rose water and then leave it on your face for at least 1 hour. Rinse your face with water and then apply coconut oil on your face to make it smooth.

When using alum powder for hair removal should be applied on daily basis for effective results. Some of the places where you can apply the paste include face, legs, armpits, arms and all parts of the body. After applying it for a few months you will notice some differences, and the hair will start to disappear. In fact, you can go up to 3 days without shaving your legs. Alum powder is sold in grocery store in the spice section but now days can also be found easily online.

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